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Preset libraries and samples packs

Bleak for Generate 50% off. Offer extended.

New release: Swarm for Pigments/Analog Lab V. Intro offer 40% off.

Aurium for Hive2 is 50% off.

Berserk for Serum is 50% off

Syclotron Bass 50% off. Loops and Ableton Live toolkit.

Xebra sound pack for Zebra 50% off. 145 presets.

Singularity for Output's Portal 50% off. 100 presets.

Polychrome 50% off. 100 Vital presets.

Razor presets 50% off. 100+ sounds.

Vulcan is 50% off. 250+ sounds for Massive X.

Granular Lab 50% off. Pigments/Analog Lab V, Ableton Live Pack and Sample Pack.

Ethernium 50% off. Abstract atmospheres in multiple formats.

Post Nuclear for Kontour 50% off

New release! Bleed for Rift: Distortion Exploration. Intro price.

Bleak for Generate is 30% off for a limited time.

Announcing Sample Stream - monthly samples. Intro price.

Aurium for Hive 2 35% off for one day.

Bleak for Generate 35% off for one day.

Signal for Pigments 35% off for one day

Trees for Massive X, Pigments and Live 35% off for one day.

Tundra Drones 35% off for one day.

Mare for Vital 35% off for one day.

Xebra for Zebra 35% off today

Singularity for Portal 35% off for one day.

Polychrome for Vital 35% off today.

35% off Vulcan for Massive X. Only for one day.

Modular Lab 35% off for one day

Granular Lab is 35% off today

35% off for Space Probe

Post Nuclear 35% off for one day.

50% off for selected sound packs: Syclotron Bass, Propulsion, Spear, Berserk, Wavemorph

New release | Aurium: Timbral Complexities for Hive 2 | Intro offer

Space Probe for Pigments - 128 presets at 50% off (including Analog Lab)

New release | Bleak - Sound of Dystopia for Generate | Intro offer

Polychrome for Vital 30% off until the end of March.

NI Sounds Bundle for users of Native Instruments synths. 50% cheaper, future upgrades 50% off.

New release | Signal for Pigments: Transforming Articulations (Intro offer)

New release: Trees for Massive X, Pigments, Ableton Live + sample pack (discount available for Vulcan users)

Happy new year discount code

New release | Tundra Drones: sequel to Frozen Drones (intro offer)

New release | Propulsion: presets for Repro-1 + sample pack

Black Friday: 50% off sound packs and bundles

NEW RELEASE | Wavemorph: wavetable collection

NEW RELEASE | Xebra: sounds, wavesets and patch templates for Zebra

Sound Flux: monthly free presets and samples

NEW RELEASE | Modular Lab II: VCV Rack patches

NEW RELEASE | Singularity: Portal presets

50% off for selected sound libraries until the end of June

NEW RELEASE | Polychrome: Vital presets and wavetables

Summer Sale: 50% off for selected sound libraries

Changes in Sound Design Stream

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