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Sound Flux: monthly free presets and samples

Hello there!

I've started a new project which I called Sound Flux. It's a newsletter series that will bring something new each month directly to your mailbox. Things like presets for vst plugins, samples, wavetables etc.

At the moment there are ~170 samples, ~250 presets and 50 wavetables available, spanning 8 plugins in total. All of the current stuff is taken from the full versions of my products but there are totally new independent presets coming for couple of different plugins.

If you're interested in joining, click the button below.

For those who join during this month, there is a 30% off coupon code available for all of my existing products and the upcoming Zebra soundset (coming soon).

Hope you'll enjoy this free stuff. Thanks for your support!



Join Sound Flux

Bleak for Generate is 30% off for a limited time.

Announcing Sample Stream - monthly samples. Intro price.

Aurium for Hive 2 35% off for one day.

Bleak for Generate 35% off for one day.

Signal for Pigments 35% off for one day

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