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New release: Trees for Massive X, Pigments, Ableton Live + sample pack (discount available for Vulcan users)

Hello everyone,

I've just released my next sound pack.

Multiple formats

I'm testing the idea of multiple formats. This sound pack offers four versions as the previous one - Tundra Drones.

Main theme of this set are pads and soundscapes balancing between beauty and tension. Moods that you’ll find in this pack are: bliss, peace, ethereal, surreal, tension, darkness, stillness and more.

Included presets for Massive X are highly customisable with programmed macros and mod wheel. There is also sample pack available containing rendered presets from Massive X. The sample pack serves as the basis for additional presets for Pigments and Ableton Live. All of these formats are available separately or cheaper as a bundle.

How to get the discount

When you buy Vulcan for Massive X you will receive 20% off discount via email. So before purchasing Trees please get Vulcan first to receive the discount.

Thanks for your support!



Trees Sound Pack


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Bleak for Generate is 30% off for a limited time.

Announcing Sample Stream - monthly samples. Intro price.

Aurium for Hive 2 35% off for one day.

Bleak for Generate 35% off for one day.

Signal for Pigments 35% off for one day

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