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New release | Signal for Pigments: Transforming Articulations (Intro offer)

Hey guys,

It's been a while since my last release. I'm back with a new sound pack.

The highlight of this set are transforming articulations. Each sound can be transformed via mod wheel from one articulation to other e.g. attack into slower signal, ending on long soundscape or sustained sound into a pulsing one.

This sound pack contains 77 presets for Pigments and 125 samples, available separately or both cheaper as a bundle.

Intro offer + special bundle

I'm offering this set at 40% off until Friday. Additionally I've included a special option. For those that missed my previous sound packs for Pigments, you can now bundle all of them at this intro pricing. Go to the product page to check all the details.

Get Signal at 40% off

Hope you'll find this useful.




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