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New release | Bleak - Sound of Dystopia for Generate | Intro offer

Hey guys,

I've been working on this for couple of months and finally I've released it.

Bleak is a collection of 400 presets for Newfangled Audio Generate. It's my biggest sound library to date and it also offers MPE compatible presets for the first time. There are two versions available: Standard (non-mpe) and MPE presets. Both are available separately or you can get both cheaper in a bundle. All of these versions are now discounted at intro price 30% off.

Get Bleak 30% off

I hope you'll enjoy this!




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Bleak for Generate is 30% off for a limited time.

Announcing Sample Stream - monthly samples. Intro price.

Aurium for Hive 2 35% off for one day.

Bleak for Generate 35% off for one day.

Signal for Pigments 35% off for one day

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