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Vital Sounds Bundle: All Vital Presets 📦

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This bundle contains...

All Vital preset packs in one convenient bundle at a 30% discount

If you're looking for some fresh ammo for Vital synth, this bundle offers 400 sounds.

❕Please note that Vital 1.5.5 is required for the preset packs.

Benefits of the bundle

  • 30% discount for included Vital preset packs + applicable sales discounts
  • 50% discount for future Vital preset packs added to the bundle - you'll receive a limited-time discount
  • one transaction during the purchase


If you own at least one paid Vital preset pack of mine, you are eligible for an upgrade.

Your upgrade price is calculated in the following way.

Upgrade Price = Total full price of missing products - Bundle Discount

To upgrade, please contact me for your personal upgrade discount code. You can upgrade only once.

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No refunds available for bundles

Please check product descriptions and audio previews carefully before a purchase. I may offer a partial refund in genuine circumstances.

Last updated Dec 30, 2023

4 sound packs for Vital | 400 presets in total.

Bundle discount
Vital 1.5.5
Included sound packs
Polychrome for Vital
100 presets
Mare for Vital
100 presets
Gora for Vital
100 presets
Xan for Vital
100 presets

Vital Sounds Bundle: All Vital Presets 📦

0 ratings
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