Bleed: Distortion Exploration

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Colorise, rhythmise, deform, distort. Make your signals bleed. This is a collection of presets for Minimal Audio Rift. With main focus on creative use these presets will reshape and breathe a new life into your existing sounds. This pack explores distortion on various sources. If you’re looking for inspiration or you want to transform your existing sounds into something new, this pack is for you.

Presets has been divided into several categories depending on the source they have been designed to process or the way they affect the sound. It’s for convenience and general indication but you can of course apply it on any material you want.

Bleed contains 100 presets for Rift. Every preset is prefixed with a short code. There are following categories:

COLR - colorise the sound

RYTM - turns sustained sound into rhythmic or apply to rhythmic content

SFX - generate weird sound effects

SINS - designed on sine + noise

DRUM - drums processing

SPCE - create space'y sounds

Please note that distortion is very sensitive to input volume and frequency content, so the results are highly dependent on what you feed into the plugin.

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Minimal Audio Rift 2.0
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Bleed: Distortion Exploration

3 ratings
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