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This is for everyone who would like to offer some additional support. In exchange you will receive a sample pack each month with various sounds (20 or more samples). Visit the Sample Stream website ->

Current episode

2023-10 Torsion

50 loops in the style of Doom. Nasty distortions, heavy compression, and complex movements.

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Library (fixed content)

  • Post Nuclear II Rhythms - 55 rhythmic, complex, noisy loops (sampled Kontour presets from Post Nuclear II sound pack)
  • Recon Raw - 110 dirty sequences (sampled Generate presets from Recon sound pack)
  • Post Nuclear Rises - 30 distorted rising sounds
  • Trees Soundscapes - 50 complex soundscapes
  • Propulsion sample pack - 174 samples (sampled Repro-1 presets from Propulsion sound pack)


What kind of samples do I get?

  • field recordings
  • synthesised sounds from sound design sessions and production
  • wavetables

What categories of sounds?

Anything. Basses, synths, loops, drums, organic, recordings, drones, soundscapes, experimental etc.

Do samples stack each month?

When you subscribe you'll see two sections:

  • Current episode - contains sample pack available only in current month
  • Library - contains sample packs that will always be there and will slowly grow over time

How can I use samples?

In short: you may use the product in your music projects, you cannot copy and re-sell the product in full or in part, you cannot sub-license, intellectual property stays with me → Read full EULA

Tech specs

24bit/44.1kHz (or higher)

34 members

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Sample Stream

5 ratings