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Sample Stream

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Sample Stream

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New samples every month

This is for everyone who would like to offer some additional support. In exchange you will receive a small sample pack each month with various sounds (20 or more samples). Visit the Sample Stream website -> https://spektralisk.com/sample-stream

This month

2023-05 Recon Remixed

  • Sample pack with 30 complex sequences based on samples from Recon Raw
  • Bonus: Loopmix Pack

Library update!

New Recon Raw sample pack added to the library with 110 samples. Rendered from Recon sound pack for Generate and processed in Ableton for extra punch and power.

Check for audio preview at https://spektralisk.com/sample-stream

Library (fixed content)

  • Recon Raw - 110 dirty sequences (sampled Generate presets from Recon sound pack)
  • Post Nuclear Rises - 30 distorted rising sounds
  • Trees Soundscapes - 50 complex soundscapes
  • Propulsion sample pack - 174 samples (sampled Repro-1 presets from Propulsion sound pack)


What kind of samples do I get?

  • field recordings
  • synthesised sounds from sound design sessions and production
  • wavetables

What categories of sounds?

Anything. Basses, synths, loops, drums, organic, recordings, drones, soundscapes, experimental etc.

Do samples stack each month?

When you subscribe you'll see two sections:

  • Current episode - contains sample pack available only in current month
  • Library - contains sample packs that will always be there and will slowly grow over time

How can I use samples?

In short: you may use the product in your music projects, you cannot copy and re-sell the product in full or in part, you cannot sub-license, intellectual property stays with me → Read full EULA

Tech specs

24bit/44.1kHz (or higher)

17 members

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