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Bleak: Sound of Dystopia for Generate

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Bleak is a collection of presets for Newfangled Audio Generate synthesiser.

Sounds of desolation, darkness, cold and dystopia - this is the tone of Bleak. If you're working on dark sci-fi, horror, thriller or any other project of that kind, these sounds will be a good match. Bleak is full of dark, impactful and emotional sounds with character. It might be a great choice for telling dramatic sci-fi stories.

Every non-mpe preset has a mod wheel assigned for useful sound transformation. This library also offers MPE compatible presets that reside in their own folder. MPE presets were designed with the help of Seaboard Block by Roli. Some of the presets are inherited from the standard package and adjusted for MPE control and others are completely new and exclusive only for MPE version.


  • 400 presets for Generate synth (250 standard presets, 150 MPE presets)
  • all standard presets have mod wheel assigned for significant sound changes
  • mpe presets are can be altered via slide, glide, pressure and velocity
  • categories: pads + soundscapes, keys, sequences, basses and leads, hits + impacts, signals, sound effects
  • dark, organic, emotional sounds full of character

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Standard version
250 presets
MPE version
150 presets
Generate 1.3.1 or higher


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Bleak: Sound of Dystopia for Generate

11 ratings
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