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Frozen Drones: Suspended Ambience

23 ratings

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Frozen Drones is a set of 50 presets for Zynpatiq's ADAPTIVERB, reverb processor. Thanks to its freeze function it is possible to create drones and atmospheric sounds that can be used directly from the plugin without any additional instrument.

These sounds are ideal to use as sound beds to create an atmosphere in the track. Presets are set around moods like darkness, tension, mystical, surreal, light and heavenly.

Freezed preset can be easily modified and therefore you can alter the sound to create movement and new timbres. You can also unfreeze and use the presets to process your own sounds and re-freeze again to create more of your own drones.

Update: now available in a form of Pigments/Analog Lab V sound banks (paid version).


  • 50 presets for ADAPTIVERB
  • 50 samples - exported presets (~15s each)
  • 50 presets for Pigments/Analog Lab V (paid version)

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50 presets for ADAPTIVERB
50 samples
50 presets for Pigments and Analog Lab V
Pigments 3.7.0 / Analog Lab V 5.5.0
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(23 ratings)
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Frozen Drones: Suspended Ambience

23 ratings