NI Sounds Bundle: Sounds for Native Instruments Synths

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Expand your Komplete sound collection

NI Sounds Bundle is a collection of sounds for Native Instruments synths. It basically offers all of the sounds from my NI related sound packs for 50% off (compared if you bought them separately).

This is an ideal package for NI Komplete owners who want to the expand their sound collection. Bundle will grow over time when new NI related sound pack is released. Every owner of the bundle will automatically receive an upgrade discount for the next version of the bundle upon release.


  • included NI related sound packs 50% off
  • upcoming NI related sound packs 50% off for existing bundle users

How it works

  • by purchasing the bundle you receive all of my NI related sound packs for 50% off their normal price (check what’s included in the section below)
  • whenever new NI related sound pack is released it will be added in the new version of the bundle
  • existing bundle users will receive the discount to upgrade from the previous version of the bundle to the next one
  • upgrade discount will effectively give you 50% off for all products that were added in the next version of the bundle

What’s included in current version

Click the links below to see the exact version of the included product

Post Nuclear for Kontour

Vulcan Extended for Massive X

Spear for Razor

Trees for Massive X

Video Previews

Upgrade to the bundle

If you own any of the products included in the bundle you are eligible for an upgrade. If you want to upgrade, please contact me for your upgrade discount code.

Your upgrade price = (total price of products in the bundle - total price of products you purchased) * 50%


You own Post Nuclear and Trees which cost $25+$17 and want to upgrade to the bundle to get Vulcan Extended and Spear

Upgrade price = (40 + 17 + 17 + 25 - 25 - 17) * 50% = $28.50

NOTE: If you own all of the included sound packs, your upgrade price is $0 (please contact me to upgrade to the bundle for free to get the benefit of cheaper future releases).

I want this!

648 sounds for 3 synths | Separately for $99

What's included
Massive X
2 sound packs | 357 sounds
1 sound pack | 178 sounds
1 sound pack | 113 sounds


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