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Elements: Sonic Ingredients 🎨

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Sonic Ingredients

Elements is a constantly expanding collection of samples and wavetables, designed and tailored specifically for sound artists. Imagine it as a palette of colors or ingredients that you can mix and match in various ways by using them with different sound manipulation tools such as synthesizers, samplers, sound effects, and more. This pack enables you to effortlessly modify your existing presets using the included samples and wavetables, allowing you to experiment and explore new sounds with ease.

Check usage examples in the video below

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You should think of the samples in this package as oscillators or sound sources that can be used to create more complex sounds by processing and layering them in various ways. Wavetables were derived from these samples to offer additional options when working with wavetable synthesizers. All of the provided audio files are raw, which means that there are no reverb or delay effects added to them. This is intentional, as it allows the end user to experiment with their own space-based sound effects. All of the samples are kept at short lengths (4s by default, up to 8s).

Updates, versions, and pricing

This collection is growing, and once you purchase it, you’ll receive future content for free! Please note that there are additional versions planned for this product which will have to be purchased separately. Once you purchase a specific version, all the upcoming content within that version will be available for you for free. There will be an upgrade discount available for additional versions.

The product price may increase in the future when more content is added, but current owners won’t be affected by it.

This pack will be refined, and improved and will evolve with future updates. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or wishes regarding the content, feel free to contact me.

Naming scheme and categorization

In order to provide consistent categorization and make it easier to find the sounds, all of the files in the package are named according to the Universal Category System (UCS).

Filename schema


CategoryId - category and subcategory combined

Name - the custom name of the sound

CreatorID - in this case SPEK, I used a shortcut to keep the filename shorted

ProjectID - in this case, it’s a combination of project name and pack name e.g. ELMNTSBase (ELMTS indicates ELEMENTS project, Base - is the first pack in the series)

Sound categories

Since UCS deals mainly with recorded sound effects, this collection has its own categories.

The categories used in this collection are based on the sound timbre and not the instrument type, the source, or the material that creates a sound. This approach makes more sense since the sounds in this pack are treated as sonic ingredients and we want to identify them by their sonic characteristics.

The following categories and subcategories are used currently.


NOIS - Noise: no perceptible pitch, noisy nature like white noise, pink noise, or water or any organic chaotic source

TXTR - Texture: sound alloys, layered sounds, and also sounds resembling materials or ambiances

TONL - Tonal: sound with easily perceptible pitch, harmonic sounds

ATON - Atonal: inharmonic sounds; without a central frequency, a set of resonant pitches that have no harmonic correlation with each other

FX - complex sound amalgams, clusters, and misc sounds that cannot be categorized with other categories

WTBL - Wavetable: wav files that are actual wavetables suitable to use in wavetable synths (in this case other categories above act as subcategory for WTBL)

Subcategories (dependent on categories)

SIMP - Simple: used with tonal and atonal sounds, little or no movement, or rising in volume, no pitch sweeps, no filter sweeps

STAT - Static: used with noise and textures, little or no movement

ANIM - Animated: like Simple but with medium repeatable or organic movement

DIRT - Dirty: like Simple but saturated or slightly distorted sounds

DIST - Distorted: like Simple but heavily distorted sound

CMPX - Complex: lots of movement in frequency content, amplitude, and pitch; a combination of previous categories with different degrees of each (e.g. tonal sound with complex filter movement and some moderate saturation)

MORP - Morphed: sounds that are either spectrally/additively morphed or crossfaded from one sound timbre to the other


TXTRStat_Machine Hum_SPEK_ELMNTSBase.wav (static texture in the base pack of Elements)

NOISAnim_Pipe Flow_SPEK_ELMNTSNuked_smooth, noisy.wav

(animated noise in the Nuked pack of Elements with additional tags)

Change Log

2024-04-01 Sound Alloys expansion: 275 samples

2023-12-04 Broken Hydra expansion: 46 samples + 14 wavetables.

2023-11-24 Base expansion added containing 181 samples and 91 wavetables.


Why such a product?

I use a lot of samples/wavetables of this kind in my sound pack production, therefore I wanted to produce this collection for myself so why not make it available for other sound artists? This was also inspired by my Wavemorph wavetable pack, which I found immensely useful in the production of several of my previous sound packs.

Is this a subscription?

No. It's a normal, one-time purchase product. Future updates are free.

How often do I get updates?

I plan to regularly deliver new samples and wavetables. Since this is not a subscription, I cannot promise frequent updates but I plan to add something at least every two months or more frequently, if possible (depending on a schedule).

How is this different from Sample Stream?

Firstly it's not a subscription. Secondly, provided samples are much shorter and minimally processed leaving room for experimentation. Sample Stream delivers processed, production-ready sounds.

I have another question.

Contact me here.

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502 samples + 105 wavetables + free updates

24bit/44.1kHz (or higher), rendered by default at 2bars/120BPM which equals to 4s, root note C (where applicable)
.wav and .vitaltable formats
Change Log
Base expansion added: 181 samples + 91 wavetables.
Broken Hydra expansion: 46 samples + 14 wavetables.
Sound Alloys expansion: 275 samples
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Elements: Sonic Ingredients 🎨

10 ratings
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