Singularity for Portal

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Singularity is a collection of presets for Output's Portal which are focused mainly on weird and experimental sound effects. Provided presets will enable you to create unique, unusual and bizarre sound transitions and transformations. Suitable for game sound designers or any kind of musical production requiring some extra spice.

Presets have been prefixed with additional 'codename' that indicate their intended use but you may also experiment and try them on any sound to explore the possibilities.


100 presets for Portal in several categories (codenames) each for different type of processing:

  • PULS - creating pulses, gated sounds from sustained input sound
  • WARP - weird, experimental sound transformations
  • RYTM - intended to use on rhythmic material like drum loops
  • VOIC - vocal processing
  • TXTR - creating washed atmospheres, textures and space'y sounds
  • TMBR - changing color of the sound

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  • Output Portal 1.0.3 or higher
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